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Dirt Showdown Review

By Laurence Fee


Codemasters have gone a bit dirty with their new instalment to the Dirt series.

Bringing Demolition, Gymkhana (Hoonigan) and Racing to your finger tips and what a smashing game it is. Continuing on with their racing titles Codemasters have made another great looking game for those who like having more fun and laughs than a serious, no nonsense racing experience. So if you are one of those guys or girls who love to see carnage and also like showing off some driving skills as well then Showdown could be the game to give you that fix.


Travelling to the likes of London, Tokyo, Miami, San Francisco, Nevada and Michigan Dirt Showdown has got some great looking backdrops for all the events you visit.

 So what do we get in Dirt Showdown, on the main menu screen you have Showdown Tour , your single player mode that you progress though trying to gain the most cash to purchase new cars that have been unlocked and to upgrade the cars you own already as well. Starting off on PRO races you will work your way through each race to unlock the next race with a podium finish onto All Star races then Champion and at the top you have your Legend races, with each stage getting harder as you progress.

Covering most racing disciplines you will find yourself competing in all sorts from causing mayhem and total carnage in 8 ball, Rampage and Knock-Out. All out Racing in Race-Off and Domination to showing off your gymkhana skills in Trick Rush and Head 2 Head. With loads of vehicles; buggies, cars, hearses and vans there’s plenty to smash up and trash with some being better than others in certain disciplines.


Next on the main menu is JOYRIDE and just like Dirt3, Joyride lets you roam freely to find and collect hidden tokens and to do set challenges and is set over 3 arenas. Joyride lets you practice your Gymkhana driving skills and try out some mad stuff too.


  Now it’s onto MULTIPLAYER where you can choose from ONLINE and race with up to 7 other gamers in a public or private server, solo or as a team with a choice of different events. DEMOLITION (Rampage, 8 Ball and Knock-Out), HOONIGAN (Trick rush and Head 2 Head), PARTY (Transporter, Smash n Grab and Speed Skirmish), RACING (Race-Off and Domination) and EVERYTHING (all the above disciplines) with the computer randomly picking what the next race will be, with the ability to VETO the race picked. Ranking up along the way and upgrading your vehicles.



SPLITSCREEN allows you to race someone at home in every race but with a nice wee menu that the Private part of online should have, the ability to pick what track/discipline you want to do.

 RACENET is the start of something new from Codemasters. First off you get weekly challenges set by Codemasters to see who's the best at Showdown then you have the web site part of RACENET, where you can log-in and see your game stats but that’s not all RACENET will do. Over time RACENET will be on all new Codemasters racing games so your stats are all in one place for you to check them out.


That’s it for multiplayer now it’s on to CHALLENGES, that’s right you can send your friends a challenge after every SP race if you think your score/time will be hard to beat. Good way for friends to compete with each other without going into a server, but watch out if you except your friends challenge you will only get a few goes at beating him.

Last part of the main menu is your Option and Extras which I’m hoping everyone knows about.


YouTube uploads have also returned to Showdown but still with a 30 second window, which in my eyes aint that good when it takes over 10 minutes to upload. Surely there must be a better way to get more space and a quicker upload time. I’ve done a few videos but wouldn’t like to try and upload a full 3 minute race this way. 10 upload’s then using YouTube editor too make the one video. You would have to be mad or on something lol.


Gameplay in Dirt showdown is good; vehicles handle well and look great (for being old bangers). Plenty for you to get your teeth into and if you don’t keep it on NOVICE/EASY (you know who you are) it can be a bit of a challenge. Didn’t think I would enjoy using the boost while racing but used wisely it will save your bacon plenty of times and help you win more and more.

Graphics and sound in the game are great with awesome details to the vehicles and tracks/arenas with plenty of objects to hit Codemasters have done a great job on keeping the carnage debris from every little hit and crash on the track for the full race so even a single tyre can be stuck under the car and slow you down or even make you crash and with the rock tracks playing in the background it just feels right and so gooood but that could be just me lol.


PROS: Loads of mayhem, looks and sounds great and easy to jump right into.


CONS: YouTube upload could be longer, Needs the splitscreen custom race menu in private servers.


All in all i’m enjoying the game and the mayhem that comes with it. Don’t know how well it will do but with a few wee tweeks to it Dirt Showdown could be the party racers game of the year but until Codemasters add a few things to online (private) I can only give the game 7.5/10. Great game, loving the mayhem but it’s just missing something to make it awesome.