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TOPIC: Mad Max

Mad Max 1 year, 3 months ago #21381

Mad Max stars Max Rockatansky, a long time drifter and loner in a world that has been affected by drought, famine and mass extinction. As a drifter, Max scavenges locations for ‘spare parts’, food and water just like most of the world within the movie franchise. Throughout the world people have formed factions/gangs and built strongholds in order for them to survive. Some have retained their humanity and others, well let’s just say they have fallen off the wagon.

The game starts with a brief introduction into the events that caused the world to be as it is giving players a bit of a back story unlike the movie. Players start by finding Max in the middle of Scrotus and his war party. Whilst Max leaves a lasting impression on Scrotus’ hoard, he is ultimately left for dead and his car taken. Luckily when Max comes round he finds new friends in Chumbucket and his dog Dinki-Di. Chumbucket whilst ugly and mutated on the outside, knows the true beauty of cars and most things mechanical. Max forms a sort of partnership with Chumbucket in order to rebuild his car and Chumbuckets dream the ‘Magnum Opus’ in order to continue his life as a scavenger.

Story wise, Mad Max is just as crazy as the movies albeit not as in-depth. Through out the world you will come up against some crazy characters. The core of the game is set around Max recovering his possessions, building his car and scavenging the land as he helps various factions along the way to create and build a bigger and better place. Straight from the outset the action is intense and doesn’t really let up, although the story is slow until later in the game where it ramps up in the build up to overthrowing Scabrous Scrotus (Immortan Joe’s psychotic son).

Game play – This consists of controlling Max, driving around the world in his heap of junk car collecting scrap, building up strongholds and taking on the various main and side missions on offer. The more missions players complete and the more scavenging you carry out will enable you to level Max up quicker, helping you unlock various new clothes, looks, move sets and car upgrades to aid you along your journey. Everything in the game is built around scavenging, whilst infiltrating gang hideouts and strongholds you will encounter a lot of fierce massively outnumbered fights in which Max moves with great precision (I find just button bashing Δ or □ helps a lot as the window to block and parry or carry out ‘special moves’ can be very small). Max mainly uses his fists to do the talking but he does have a shotgun which can be upgraded throughout the game and carries ‘shivs’ (small knives) both of which can be picked up by killing enemies or through scavenging throughout the stronghold or outpost. If you can chain together enough hits Max will fill his Fury meter and go in to a pretty much unstoppable rage enabling you a sometimes much needed boost of speed and power to dispatch the enemies. However you must keep a close eye on Max’s health as this doesn’t regenerate, try always keeping your water filled and not using food unless you really have to as once you use it, it gone. Although throughout the world there are various locations that after you have completely scavenged them will unlock a permanent water source. When you’re not fighting in outpost, looking for scrap or taking on bosses, you will find yourself driving around aimlessly looking for new locations of which there are more than plenty. Another word of warning Max’s car will have to be continually topped up with fuel so make sure you don’t run out. You can find fuel in most outposts or by completing death runs which will open up a permanent source of fuel, a spare jerry-can can be put in the back of the vehicle but in the early stages without levelling up Max it can still be very limiting. The other side of driving is the car combat, which I find can be quite satisfying when you destroy an attackers car, or if you can kill the driver you can steal the car, take it to a stronghold and have it available you throughout the game (this enables you to move undetected in different areas depending on the vehicle you are driving). Whilst driving you can ram other vehicles or after unlocking you can use the harpoon or thunderpoons to devastating effect. The resulting explosions from car combat or destroying outpost/bases look great with pillars of smoke and flames billowing from the locations and debris flying everywhere. During the game you will see a warning of an approaching storm, if you are outside I would suggest getting inside an outpost or building and you wont last 2 minutes. The sight of the storms are something to behold with the intense winds and crazy lightening that lights up the sky but will easily destroy the Magnum Opus and potentially Max as when the car catches fire you have 5 seconds to get out and wait for it to be fixed, in which time you will be a goner!

Visuals & Sounds – The entire world is without a doubt stunning and I wouldn’t like to guess how many hours went into building it as every detail has been looked at. This makes the driving and exploration of the massive map extremely enjoyable. Whilst a complete desert setting may seem or sound boring it is anything but. Whilst travelling the vast expanse of the world you will come across huge vistas which clearly portray the decaying world and showcase the chaos rising from it. Throughout the map you will see buildings crumbling all around, most over run with sand dunes with a hint of a past life when humanity roamed the area. Now the sky is something to behold, the cycle of day and night makes for a fair few picture moments of which you can use the well implemented photo mode. The voice of Max sounds appropriate for the game but I have to say it would sound much better with either Mel Gibson or Tom Hardy reprising the role as there is a lot more talking from Max than in the movies. Chumbucket – Well have to hand it to them not only a vital character but a pretty funny one at that, he is a bit crazy but quite a lot of the time can be hilarious. Soundtrack – Well I can’t say I really noticed it except on the very important parts of the game or building up to them so I can’t really comment.

Controls – Max does seem to have a bit of weight to his movement but this doesn’t really affect the game play. There is a jump button but for the most part you won’t really need to use it, I only really need to use it when I got stuck exploring parts of the map you’re not really meant to get in to.
Picking up items is done by holding down □, but it’s not the only use for the button you also use it to climb ladders and ledges, kicking down doors and throwing weapons at enemies to name a few. Where most games would make you press the action button, most interactions require you to hold it making it a little annoying at times especially when trying to pick up Items in a hurry during a fight for example and does require a bit of adjustment.

Overall – Repetition really is the biggest issue in the game be it destroying minefields, scarecrows or even taking out snipers scattered throughout the world and doing it for each individual territory! While it won’t bother most players who immerse themselves in the game, the constant collecting of scrap to enable you to upgrade can be somewhat laborious. This is compounded when players don’t complete side tasks as you will get to certain points in the game where you won’t be able to continue with the story unless you upgrade. Mad Max is a story of survival much like the movies but with the game it turns into a lot more, it has turned the ideas of the movie franchise in to a fully fledged game and well I love it and have played it for over 40 hours now possibly a lot more and still I’m only at about 80-90% done. This is a game I would definitely recommend to anyone you will no doubt get you monies worth. 9/10
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