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TOPIC: The Division - Darkzone

The Division - Darkzone 1 year, 3 months ago #21460

Has anyone done much of the Darkzone in The Division yet ? Im going to be damingly honest i hated the idea of it when i first heard of it.The beta irritated me by the general bawbaggery of some players.Yet i spent about 5 hours this morning with 3 random yanks shooting,looting and extracting lots of lovely purple goodies.

I actually love how intense and nerve racking the final 30 seconds of an extraction can be waiting to either be shot at or successfully grab my loot.I now find myself laughing when im gunned down last minute and left with heehaw.

Whats everyone elses darkzone opinions of those thats ventured into this section of Manhattan ?

sidenote i just hit DZ level 30 and the stuff you can buy from DZ vendors are poor in comparison to that you can extract.save your DZ credits til your DZ level 50.
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Re: The Division - Darkzone 1 year, 3 months ago #21471

  • laz1973
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Not really been in for long but as the beta was intense just wait, watching everyone around you getting your turret out just incase you get shat on seemed fun and stressful and the same time.

Re: The Division - Darkzone 1 year, 3 months ago #21473

After smudgey left the party last night me and my mates destroyed 3 rogues that thought they could take us.Loving it lol

Re: The Division - Darkzone 1 year, 3 months ago #21475

I really need to rank up in the DZ!! Would have loved to been involved! Its my only real negative on the game is the DZ bracketing, players in the same group should be allowed to remain in the same bracket if they are willing to accept the risk they will get raped! lol

Re: The Division - Darkzone 1 year, 3 months ago #21487

i noticed that night you jumped into my group mate.i really think the DZ needs some major improvements but these are just my opinions.

- an option for PVE or PVP to stop being forced to go rogue similar to World of Warcrafts "safety option"

- if my dumbass teammate goes rogue i shouldnt until i shoot an enemy player afterwards.i just dropped 2 levels easily due to this.i tend to try and be a team player but this makes it hard not to spit the dummy.

- you can go 10mins plus without seeing any enemy AI enemies.this needs addressed

- the DZ sellers dont sell good enough gear

- phoenix credits should be awarded in a greater number than 1-3 you get for killing a named enemy.these fuckers can be solid to kill.

Re: The Division - Darkzone 1 year, 1 month ago #21562

  • boydie
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The dark zone is a place perfectly suited to sick and twisted mofos. I got one guy distract me by waving while his buddy guns me down from behind.

I also had the same 2 dudes just run around killing me at every extraction point I went to, needless to say a rage quit was in order

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