PlayStationScotland was formed in Sept.2011 by members of the old PS3Scotland forum site which closed down the same year.

Wanting to keep the Scottish Community Online [SCO] tag going, a few of us pulled together to make this web site and forum.

We've started from scratch with this place to try and bring Scottish PlayStation  gamers a good place to visit for some good old Scottish banter, friendly gamers, great mob-up nights, Competitions, Meet-Up Events and the odd game review.


Just like any forum web sites we rely on members to add content to the forum to help grow the community and in return we hold some great competition give-away's from the likes of Codemasters, Sega and Ubisoft to name just a few.

We do the odd game review from time to time (in testing) but we also have a review thread in the forum, which are written by our members but aren't open to the public.

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Special THANKS to Stephen for getting the place rolling and a name check to all those who helped get us to where we are.











Also a big THANKS to all the other members .